What True Beauty Really Is

I have the impression that we are slowly moving away from a place where the idea of ​​perfection is fundamental to beauty. Working in advertising forced me to question the status quo and to question it over and over again. It was fun to relax and be more abstract and fun at my work. I think we all grow up thanks to the internalized ideals of beauty that come from the people around us and the things we eat as we grow up. 

Finding love, success, happiness and dignity is a wonderful activity in life. It is unrealistic to expect this without significant action in this direction. Find beauty in yourself and watch it shine from the outside. 

The truth is, we all have different opinions about what beauty is. The latest fashion and beauty products have nothing to do with this. I was curious how other Latinos from different parts of the country feel really beautiful. 

If the gods do not define beauty and are the result of genetic selection, it means that everyone has the right to be wonderful. How often technology keeps pace with social change, and tools for physical transformation have never been so readily available. One of the latest cosmetic trends is the abolition of the plastic surgery taboo. While photographers say image manipulation is as old as a darkroom, the lightness and authenticity of digital pixel editing is a fundamental cultural change in the projection of beauty. While plastic surgery can only produce a more beautiful artificial version of a woman, Photoshop can create all the fantasy of perfect and unattainable beauty. Both techniques for modifying the look of someone are artificial in their nature and precisely why such techniques really make you less beautiful deep down.

As soon as you see beauty as a form of capital, you can see how it interacts with other forms of capital to replicate and accumulate. But if beauty is a product of good genes, it can be manipulated. Eugenics was the radical stepson of the theory of natural selection, and unfortunately is still alive and well in some circles today. Having a child with a (white) foreigner means not only a second pass, and thus the possibility of migration, but also a natural advantage of good appearance. But beauty doesn’t boil down to one defined standard with which to strive towards. 

Dove wanted to understand how beauty is defined today and how it has evolved over the past decade. Nine out of ten women said they could finally celebrate their special features – like a tooth gap, freckles or scars. Although it is clear that progress has been made in extending the definition of beauty, our work is not yet complete. 

Look in the mirror and find something that you like in your body. Look in the mirror and find something that you like in your body. Focus on what your body can do, as it shows its power. 

The top magazines in the world used to be a place where we could not just learn what beauty was, but to figure out how to achieve those levels of beauty in our own lives. But they were lies, plain and simple. Beauty isn’t as clear-cut as what magazines and talking heads want you to believe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and something that lives in each and every one of us, even if we may not appear to meet the “standard” definition of beauty. Once you realize this fact and go about living your life in a beautiful manner, your natural beauty will inevitably shine through and become evident to everyone around you. If we can get everyone to live in this way, we will certainly be living in a beautiful world.