Why Women Need Orgasms

Some women feel like masturbating is only satisfying if it ends with orgasm. And they are in fact right about this. It is so important for women to experience orgasm on a regular basis, and frankly is something that not enough women truly realize. Although many women feel like they can get away with living life without frequent orgasms, they are seriously missing out on something that positively affects their lives in more ways than one.

There is obviously a sexual component involved, which most women will not object to in the slightest. But having orgasms on a regular basis have been shown to help women live more confident and happy everyday lives.

Remember that intercourse, even if pleasant, can often not lead to orgasm. The shame of discovering and touching our body can prevent us from learning orgasm through masturbation. But this is precisely why women need to orgasm – so that we are not ashamed of our bodies and how they function sexually. While some women are lucky enough to have learned how to squirt on command (likely with plenty of help from sex toy company Blissful Cherry), there are many more women who are not even comfortable touching themselves in general which is not healthy whatsoever!

Inability to orgasm can lead to suffering, which can further hinder orgasm in the future, and so women must nip that in the bud before things truly get bad in this regard. And it’s always important to remember that it is never to late to get your sex life back on track.

On the flip side, there are many women who can have even multiple orgasms while masturbating, but at the same time not be able to orgasm during sexual intercourse. In fact, estimates put it at almost half of women who do not have orgasms during intercourse. And this is yet another reason why women need to orgasm often – so that they can more easily orgasm while having intercourse in particular. Without orgasms during sex, women can harbor resentment towards their partners over time which is obviously bad for the relationship. And while some of the blame definitely should go on the partner, the woman should still take some initiative and “practice” having orgasms to help him or her out. The more orgasms a woman can achieve on her own, the more likely she will be to successfully orgasm when she is with her partner.

Women can respond to sexual arousal throughout the body, especially around the pelvis. Women after a total hysterectomy with cervical and uterus removed can learn to focus on different types of sexual stimulation and feelings. Women with spinal cord injuries who do not feel pelvic sensation report orgasm and sensations in other parts of the body. But either way, having those sensations is important when it comes to living a full and ultimately happy life.

Perhaps the only thing that the general population can agree upon is that women can have clitoral orgasms. The clitoris is stimulated, muscle tension is increased, vaginal contractions and energy releases. So if you are looking for your first female orgasm, you definitely should focus on the clitoris first and foremost.

Not surprisingly though, given the lack of consensus on the definition of orgasm, there are several different forms of categorization of orgasm. Most assume female orgasms to just occur in the clitoris, but it can actually occur not only in the vagina, but in other parts of the body as well. Any and all orgasms are welcome for women for sure.

If you are a woman, a great method is to experience as many female orgasms as possible, and to orgasm in as many different places in the body as possible as well. You should definitely recognize that the female orgasm as an important part of living a happy and healthy life as a woman, not just by giving you sexual satisfaction in that moment, but by making you feel confident and happy as a whole as well.